Whether you need help with your paddocks or your lawns, AgriWest has access to a broad range of fertiliser products that meet the highest industry standards.

But what you do with that fertiliser is another story. What rate do you use under these moisture conditions? Will adding more provide a greater economic benefit, or just waste money? When should you apply?

Our agronomists really know their stuff when it comes to crop management, plant nutrition and soil health. They can recommend the right products and application rates to help you grow better crops, lawn and plants.

AgriWest is the only local team with GRain Maker, the crop nutrition and soil management system that can improve your yield, plant resilience and grain quality by

  • increasing the availability of existing nutrients
  • allowing your soil to retain more water
  • developing healthier crops with better resistance
  • creating stronger root systems

It’s a complete nutritional package that can help you to improve your yields now – and your soil for the future.
Want to talk fertiliser? Want to talk better yields? Talk to the team at AgriWest.