At AgriWest, we understand agronomy. We can translate the science into real-world recommendations to help you achieve the improvements you’re looking for with your crops or pastures.

Like you, our agronomy team knows this area like the back of their hands. Their expertise, experience and up-to-date knowledge of the latest industry techniques means you’ve got the right people working with you to help you to grow better.

On-Demand Agronomy Services

  • Got a pest problem you need fixed fast?
  • Need some recommendations on fertiliser?
  • Trying to find a way to fatten those weaners faster?
  • Like a second opinion on your weed management strategy?
  • Looking for advice on how to improve your profitability this season?
  • Want a hand with your crop rotation planning to improve disease resistance?

No mucking around – we’ll respond to your request within 24 hours, and together we’ll get the problem sorted. Just give us a call and get the solution you need from our On Demand Agronomy Service

GRrain Maker Management & Nutrition System

What if there was a way for your soil to produce bigger, better yields by:

  • increasing the availability of existing nutrients
  • allowing your soil to retain more water
  • developing healthier crops with better resilience
  • creating stronger root systems

Now there is. It’s called GRain Maker, the soil management and crop nutrition system that can improve yield, plant resilience and grain quality.

It’s a complete nutritional package that can help you to improve your yields now – and your soil for the future.

If you’re not using GRain Maker, you’re not making the most of your soil’s potential. Talk to the AgriWest agronomy team today and find out why more and more growers are switching to GRainMaker.